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The Holy Qur’ān


“My heart yearns every moment to kiss Thy Book;

And to perform circuits around the Qur’ān, for this is my Ka‘bah.”

“The Holy Qur’ān is a casket of jewels, but people are sadly unaware of it”

(Malfuzat Vol. 2: p 344)

This section contains the extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiahas showing his love of the Holy Qur’ān.

  1. Glorious Holy Qu’ān: The Holy Qur’ān is so glorious that none other can excel it in its glory. It is Hakam, the one whose judgment is ultimate; it is Muhaimin, a compendium of all guidance. Therein is found every argument which one may require. It is this Book which has scattered in defeat the very core of the enemy’s might. A Book which covers everything in depth and contains the news of what was and what is to be. Falsehood can attack it not from the front nor from the rear. It is the very light of God Almighty.

[Khutba Ilhamiya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 16, p. 103]

  • Holy Qur’ān Fulfils the Purpose of the Scriptures: I wish to convey it to everyone that the Holy Qur’ān is the Book which fulfils all these needs. Through it, a person is drawn to God and his heart grows cold to the love of the world. For those who follow it, God, Who is hidden beyond the hidden, in the end manifests Himself and displays those powers of which outsiders have no notion, and informs of His existence by the affirmation: I am present.

[Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 23, pp. 305]

  • Holy Qur’ān is the perfect guide for our spiritual welfare: The straight path and the principal means which is full of the light of certainty and constant experience, and is the perfect guide for our spiritual welfare and our intellectual progress, is the Holy Qur’ān which is charged with the settlement of all the religious contests of the world. Each and every word of it consistently carries thousands of repeated confirmations and it contains a large quantity of the waters of life for us and comprises many rare and priceless jewels which are hidden in it and are being displayed every day. It is an excellent touchstone whereby we can distinguish between truth and falsehood. It is the one bright lamp which shows the way of truth. Without doubt, the hearts of those who have a relationship with the straight path are drawn to the Holy Qur’ān. Gracious God has so fashioned their hearts that they are drawn towards this beloved like a lover and find no rest elsewhere, and hearing a plain and clear directive from it, they listen to nothing else. They accept joyfully and eagerly every verity contained in it. In the end, it becomes the means of illumination of the heart and lighting up the conscience and of wonderful disclosures. It leads everyone to the heights of progress according to their capacities. The righteous have always been in need of walking in the light of the Holy Qur’ān.

Whenever Islam has been confronted with any other religion in consequence of some new condition of the age, the sharp and effective instrument that has immediately come to hand is the Holy Qur’ān. In the same way, whenever philosophic thought has been given publicity in opposition to it, the Holy Qur’ān has destroyed that poisonous plant and has so humiliated it as to provide a mirror to its students which shows up the true philosophy which is contained in the Holy Qur’ān alone and nowhere else.

[Izāla-e-Auhām, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 3, pp. 381-382]

  • Beauty and Perfection of the Holy Qur’ān: I call Allāh to witness that the Holy Qur’ān is a rare pearl. Its outside is light and its inside is light and its above is light and its below is light and there is light in every word of it. It is a spiritual garden whose clustered fruits are within easy reach and through which streams flow. Every fruit of good fortune is found in it and every torch is lit from it. Its light has penetrated to my heart and I could not have acquired it by any other means. And Allāh is my Witness that if there had been no Qur’ān, I would have found no delight in life. I find that its beauty exceeds that of a hundred thousand Josephs. I incline towards it with a great inclination and drink it into my heart. It has nurtured me as an embryo is nurtured and it has a wonderful effect on my heart. My self is lost in its beauty. It has been disclosed to me in a vision that the garden of holiness is irrigated by the water of the Qur’ān, which is a surging ocean of the water of life. He who drinks from it, comes to life; indeed, he brings others to life.

[A’ina-e-Kamālāt-e-Islām, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 5, pp. 545-546]

  • Khātam-ul-Kutub: The expression Khātam-un-Nabiyyīn which has been applied to the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allāh be on him] demands that the Book that was revealed to him, should be the most perfect of all books and should comprise all excellences; and indeed, so it is. The rule is that whatever degree of spiritual power and inner perfection is possessed by the person upon whom the word of God descends, the same degree of power and majesty is possessed by that word. As the spiritual power and inner perfection of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allāh be on him] were of the highest degree, which no one exceeded or will exceed, therefore the Holy Qu’ān occupies that high station and rank which has not been reached by any of the previous books or scriptures. The capacity and spiritual power of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allāh be on him] were the highest of all, and all excellences had reached their climax in him. Therefore, the Holy Qu’ān that was revealed to him is also perfect and as the excellences of Prophethood reached their climax in him, the excellences of the miracle of the word reached their climax in the Holy Qu’ān. Thus, he was the Khātam-un-Nabiyyīn and his Book was the Khātam-ul-Kutub. From the point of view of every aspect of a miraculous word, the Holy Qu’ān is at the highest stage. The perfection of the Holy Qu’ān is seen and its miraculous character is proved from every point of view.

[Malfūzāt, Vol. III, pp. 36-37]

  • The Holy Qu’ān is a miracle the like of which never was and never will be. The door of its graces and blessings is always open, and it is bright and manifest in every age as it was in the time of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allāh be on him]. It should also be borne in mind that the speech of everyone corresponds to his high resolve. The higher the resolve and determination and the purpose of the speaker, the same will be the case with his speech. Divine revelation also follows the same rule. The higher the resolve of the person to whom Divine revelation is vouchsafed, the higher will be the character of the revelation. As the circle of the resolve, capacity and determination of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allāh be on him] was very wide, the revelation that came to him had the same high rank. No one else will ever attain the same degree of resolve and courage inasmuch as his message was not for any limited time or for any particular people, as was the case with the Prophets before him.

[Malfūzāt, Vol. III, p. 57]

  • Matchlessness of the Holy Qu’ān: The Holy Qu’ān is a Book which has proclaimed its own matchlessness and has claimed its own greatness, its wisdom, its truth, the beauty of its composition and its spiritual lights. It is not true that the Muslims have themselves put forward these excellences on behalf of the Qu’ān. It sets out its own merits and excellences and puts forward its matchlessness and peer lessness as a challenge to the whole of creation and calls out loudly: Is there any contestant? Its verities and fine points are not confined to two or three which would leave room for doubt on the part of an ignorant person, but are like the surging ocean and are visible in every direction like the stars of heaven. There is no truth that lies outside it. There is no wisdom that is not comprised in it. There is no light that is not obtainable through following it. These things are not without proof and are not mere words. It is an established and clearly proved verity which has been shining through 1,300 years. We have set out this verity in great detail in this book and have expounded the fine points of the Qu’ān at such length as to constitute a surging ocean for the satisfaction of a seeker after truth.

[Brāhīn-e-Ahmadiyya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 1, pp. 662-665, footnote 11]

  • Verities of the Holy Qu’ān in This Age: I have found the Word which is called the Qu’ān of the utmost holiness and full of spiritual wisdom. It does not deify any man and does not bring God into contempt by excluding souls and bodies from His creation. The Holy Qu’ān in the end brings down that blessing on the heart of man for which a religion is embraced and makes him the heir of Divine grace. Then having found a light, how shall we revert to darkness and having eyes how shall we become blind?

[Sanātan Dharam, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 19, p. 474]

  • Holy Qu’ān Accords with Human Nature: Of all the current revealed Books on earth, the Holy Qur’ān is the only Book which is conclusively proven to be the Word of God. Its teachings for salvation are based entirely on truth and are in accordance with human nature. Its doctrines are so perfect and firm that strong proofs bear witness to their truth. Its commandments are based upon truth. Its teachings are free from every type of polytheism, innovation and worship of creatures. It is full of eagerness for the manifestation of the Unity of God and of Divine greatness and of the perfection of the Lord of Honour. It is replete throughout with the Unity of the Divine and does not tolerate any kind of deficiency or defect or unworthy attributes in the case of the Creator. It does not impose any doctrine by mere authority, but sets down reasons for the truth of that which it teaches. It establishes every purpose with proofs and arguments. It sets forth reasons for the truth of every principle and carries the mind to perfect certainty and full understanding. It repels all evils that afflict people’s doctrines, actions and words, and works with bright reasoning. It teaches good manners, the knowledge of which is necessary for every human being. It repels every corruption with as much force as that which inspires the corruption. Its teaching is straightforward and strong and secure, as if it were a mirror of the law of nature and is a true reflection of it. It is an enlightening sun for the insight of the heart. It expounds the details of the principles of reason and corrects its deficiencies.

[Brāhīn-e-Ahmadiyya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 1 pp. 81-82]

  1. Beauty of the Holy Qur’ān (Urdu Poem)

The grace and beauty of the Qur’an

Is the light and life of every Muslim;

The moon is the beloved of others,

Our beloved is the Qur’an.

I searched everywhere,

Its peer could not be found;

Why, after all, should it not be unique:

It is the Holy Word of the Gracious Lord.

Every word in it is a living

And everlasting spring;

No orchard has such quality,

Nor is there a garden like it.

The Word of the Gracious God

Has no equal;

Be it a pearl from Ummān,

Or a ruby from Badakhshān.

How can the word of man

Equal the world of God?

There is divine power;

here is helplessness;

The difference is so obvious!

[Brāhīn-e-Ahmadiyya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol. 1, pp. 198-199]

  1. To: Light of the Furqān (Urdu Poem)

The light of the Furqān1

Is the brightest of all lights;

Holy is He from Whom

This river of spiritual light issued forth.

The tree of faith in divine unity

Was about to wither away;

All of a sudden, this pure spring

Gushed forth from the unseen.

O Allāh! Your Furqān is a universe in itself;

It contains everything that was ever needed.

We searched the whole world,

We rummaged through all the shops;

But we found only this one goblet

Containing the true knowledge of the Divine.

The similitude of this light cannot be found

In the whole wide world;

For it is unique in every thing,

And matchless in every quality.

At first we thought that the Furqān

Is like the rod of Moses;

Then when we reflected further,

And found every word to be a Messiah.

Blind as they are,

It is their own fault;

Otherwise this light has shone

As brightly as a hundred suns.

How pathetic is the life

Of the people in this world,

Whose hearts remained blind

Even in the presence of this Light.

[Brāhīn-e-Ahmadiyya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol.1, pp. 305-306]

  1. Revelation from God (Persian Poem)

With the Divine word, the dawn of truth has broken;

The eye that has not seen those holy scriptures has seen nothing.

The castle of my heart is filled with the fragrance of that musk;

The beloved, who had left us, has returned.

The eye which does not partake of the light of the Furqān;

I declare in the name of God, that it will never be redeemed of its blindness.

The one who seeks the Divine garden but leaves the Qur’ān aside;

We can swear that he has never even smelled its fragrance.

I do not compare even with sun the light which I see;

Hundreds of suns encircle it in humility.

Unfortunate and benighted are the people,

Who turn their backs upon this light because of their self-conceit.

[Brāhīn-e-Ahmadiyya, Rūhanī Khazā’in, Vol.1, p. 335]

1 Furqān means: ‘The one which makes distinction between truth and falsity’. It is another name for the Holy Qur’ān.

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