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Tabligh Forum held by Noor Region – Balham Majlis on 1st April 2018

Tabligh Forum held by Balham Majlis on 1st Apr 2018
Forum started with recitation of Quran, chaired by Respected Qaid Tabligh Shakil Ahmad Butt sb accompanied by Naib Qaid professor M Nawaz sb. Main focus was how to do Tabligh in this part of the world and how to involve more Ansar in Tabligh activities. Qaid sb focussed how to achieve Tabligh target’s. Forum ended with silent prayer with the attendance of
21 Ansar.
May Allah accept our humble work and enable us to fulfill our obligations and gain the pleasure of Allah. Ameen Allah huma Ameen.
Shahid Mahboob
Zaeem Balham Majlis