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Tabligh Forum held by Baitul Futuh Region – Morden South on 22nd March 2018

Majlis Morden South organised Tabligh Forum on 22nd March 2018.
Mohtram Dr. NAWAZ Sb  Naib Qaid Tabligh participated from Markaz.

Muntazim Tabligh Tariq Mahmood sb read from the writing of Promised  Messiah important Instructions for Dawat a Illah.
Nazim a Aamla NAVEED UZ ZAFAR sb. appreciated the efforts and plane and advised that we should make all plans to get maximum Baits this year.
Nayb Qaid Prof. Nawaz sb. Describe the planes of Tabligh Department this year and expectation from Majalis.
The Forum ended with silent Prayer led by Nayb Qaid sb. Alhamdulillah