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Tabligh Stall by Majlis Raynes Park on 01-01-2019

Tabligh Stall Report:                      Majlis Raynes Park  
      BF REGION                                Place: Raynes Park Station              01/01/2019 ( Tuesday)  
Alhamdulillah according to the direction of our beloved Hazoor e Aqdas regarding tarbiyat and tableigh. We completed our first Tableigh stall of year 2019 today.
Although it was not very busy outside , but this was more about fulfilling our commitment and setting our direction for the new year .We pray to Allah that we should complete our target of stalls this year, given by markaz .
📍Start time 3.30pm 
📍Finish time 5.00 pm                    
📍Books displayed & Distributed.      
1-Pathway to Peace ,
2-Life of Mohammad .
3- Contemporary Issue
4-Review of Religion,                          📍Leaflets:      
1- Promised Messiah 
2-[Islam response to terrorism ] 
3- True Islam.                        
📍Overall view : About 50 People liked our banner of  [Love for all Hatred for none] .
📍Discussions: 1.                                  📍Conducted by:
Munawar Ahmad Malik,
Farid Ahmad. 
With Request for prayers.
Farid Ahmed
(Zaeem Majlis Raynes Park)

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