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Tabligh Forum held by Midlands region – Burton Majlis on 2nd March 2018

Chaired by Aamir Sikandar sb Regional Nazim Tabligh of Midlands.
Burton Majlis hold a local Tabligh forum during Ansarullah General Meeting on 2nd March 2018. 7 Ansar took part in this Forum. The instructions were given that were instructed from center. Different Tabligh activities were discussed that Ansar can take part. The village exhibition, Charity walk, leafleting, stalls and Tabligh sittings. Ansar made commitments to help out and shall confirm their availability to Muntazim Tabligh, Shafiq sahib.

Ansar participation ; Tahir Ahmed, Syed Raheel Zakria, Rehman Ashraf, Jamil Farooqi, Mumtaz Ahmed Syed Aamir Sikander, Aqeel Ahmed & Adnan Majeed