1. Elucidating the last verses of Sura Ma’idah, Hazrat Mohyuddin Ibn Arabi writes:

I was overseeing them and looking after them as well as tea4ing them – as long as I remained among them – but when You caused me to die then You alone were the wat4keeper over them following my death, You were present and exist, otherwise this could not have taken place. (Tafseer alQuran vol. 1, Page 354)

  • Sheikh Muhyiddin ibn Arabi says: Ilyas is in reality Idrees who preceded Noah, and Allah raised him to a high place. (Fusus al Hikam, Page 181)
  • Sheikh Muhiyyuddin ibn Arabi adds: He is the prophet whom Allah raised to heaven after he was separated from his body and his relation with the material world was cut. (Fusus al Hikam, Fass 4, page 45-46)
  • Hazrat Mohyuddin Ibn Arabi states:

“By Raf’a e Isa, peace be upon him, it is meant that his soul ascended to heaven. As it is essential for his soul to return to his real place or ultimate place of rest, and as it has not yet reached its true perfection, in the last days most certainly descend to earth again, but with a new body.” (Tafsir ul Quran Vol 1 Page 296)

  • Hazrat Hafiz Imam Ibn Qayyam says:

And what is asserted about the Messiah – that he was lifted towards heaven at the age of 33 years- has not been supported by any Hadith and cannot, therefore, win our conviction. (Zad ul Maad vol. 1, page 84)

  • Allama Abu Tayyeb Siddique bin Hasan says:

“It is written in Zadul Ma’ad authored by Hafiz Ibne Qayyam, Allah’s mercy be upon him, that the assertion that Jesus, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was lifted up at the age of 33 years, has not been supported by any Hadith and cannot, therefore, merit our belief. Shami has been quoted as saying that the truth of the matters is exactly the same as described by Imam Ibne Qayyim. This belief of ascension of Jesus at the age of 33 years is based on the narratives of the Christians. It is quite clear from the Traditions of the Holy Prophet, that Jesus’s spiritual ascension took place at the age of 120 years. (Fat hul Bayan vol 2 page 247)

  • Commenting upon the verses of Sura Maryam regarding Jesus, peace be upon him, Syed Qutub says:

“The definite explanation advanced here is of Jesus’s death and him being raised after death. There is no scope for any other interpretation for unnecessary diatribe. (Fi Zilal il Quran, Vol: 4, Page:66)

Source: Beacon of Truth (https://www.alislam.org/library/books/Beacon-of-Truth.pdf)